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why is my board micro sized?

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    why is my board micro sized?

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    Maybe your server is based in Lilliputian
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    Spellcheck drives me nuts. Lilliput.
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    i hit some wrong button...dam......my board is now microsized

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    I think Alice in Wonderland grew giant-sized after she nibbled on one of Rabbit's cookies.  Maybe if you eat a carrot from Rabbit's garden, you'll return to normal size.

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    #5 LOL!
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    All very helpful, thanks guys, ill be sure to send a kingsize ketchup bottle your way

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    I can actually take a guess at what happened.  If you are in a webbrowser, and try to go back from v3 to v2, a page pops up with Save down at the bottom.  If you just click on the Save button, it changes all your settings to "classic" which might reduce the size of your board. 

    In v3, to resize your board, click on the Settings cog top right, and then Settings, and then Board and Pieces.

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    Thanks, actually what happened was I somehow “dragged “The board to a smaller size.

    Like chess, the obvious often is not

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    Can we call you Dragon Man?


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