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Why so Serious Chess Community?

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    Stevie65 wrote:

    Hey F Jose! do you have theory on these dots?  Andy wants to know.



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    I think those dots form a pair of legs when connected.  Maybe it shows how people deliver messages by hand from one relay to the next?

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    These dots are seriously out of control.

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    zborg wrote:

    These dots are seriously out of control.


























    Out of control?  They are so orderly!

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    greg135 wrote:
    FadulJoseA wrote:
    greg135 wrote:
    FadulJoseA wrote:

    In my book  (link removed - please don't use the forums to advertise or promote your book) I found many chess.com members getting along well, and some being too competitive and serious.

    The book features social network analysis of my live rated online chess games with various players (including high and middle-strength computer software) from different time zones and cultures around the world. For most of them the social features and downsides of real-time online chess were investigated and documented, including social magnetism, gambling, anonymity and use of pseudonyms, nationalism, Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender (LGBT) issues, Islamophobia, and social stratification and mobility. The accompanying game annotations and post-game discussions mainly dwell on responsible participation and civil discourse using live online chess games as medium. Online chess has become a test case for us as an international/trans-national group to think about how we can live in a socially-differentiated society, where its members subscribe to a plurality of forms of knowledge arising from considerably different environments, experiences and genetic makeup. ;-)

    About a month ago, I received a friend request and message from this chess.com member.  He said that a game we'd played was in a book he'd published.  After checking out the link, and previewing the book, I was shocked; the guy had simply lied, written fiction to further some narrative.  I do, however, live in Canada, that was correct.  I find the whole thing very strange

    Dear greg135,

    The final version of the book, Live Online Chess: Social Features & Downsides, prior to publishing, no longer used the chats we had; I have replaced it with that of other Canadians, some of whom are your friends who fed me the data you disagreed about. I have removed it [that part you disagreed about] a month ago as soon as you told me that it wasn't ok for you. However, the live online game we had last April 8, 2012 is retained as a minor illustrative portion because it is anyway archived at http://www.chess.com/livechess/game.html?id=277882584. Computer analysis of the game reveal that it is a mistake-ridden game, for both White (that was you) and Black (that was me). The game was simply used as a metaphor of life where people may commit mistakes one after another with consequences. The final version of the book (revised to accomodate your as well as others' complaints) was published just a few days ago. Check the book preview again, if you please. Happy New Year to you and your family!

    I should have replied more thoroughly in my previous post.

    I will give you a basic idea of Jose's book, in case you haven't checked out the free preview on lulu.  It is separated in chapters where he plays 14 chess.com members and some games versus the live chess computers.  He connects various discussion topics to blitz games. 

    The chapter with my game is entitled "Social Games, Social Control and the State".  The chapter started with an invented quote where I said "Canada is a welfare state".  That quote has since been removed.  He names two people from my friends list (with whom I've never discussed anything non-chess related) which he then attributes later quotes to.  After going over a 3-minute blitz game (complete with site images; I miss a checkmate and lose, in case you are wondering;), he goes on to claim that one of our immigrant fathers (the wording is ambiguous; it could be referencing me or the aforementioned friends list members) is upset because he is unable to physically discipline his children, and has had social services called on him for doing so (??).  The chapter ends with a rambling chess history lesson (no idea if factual).

    Besides my username, country of residence, the two people that are on my friends list, and the actual game that we played, it's complete fiction.  I saw the book as an oddity, people will do anything for money, and didn't think it deserved extra attention, however:

    -Jose started advertising on the forum and I felt obligated to reply

    -There are 13 other chess.com members that may not be aware that they have their own chapters in the book (although, unsurprisingly, Jose says he has gotten other complaints)

    Dear greg135,

    I always ask permission from the persons involved, as I did with you, before I approve my publisher (Lulu) to have the book in its final form. I also request them to preview, if they please. For example:

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    I thought I did. I apologize. Wink


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