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Why the hell can I not play slow chess?

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    pdve wrote:

    If I play slow chess I make blunders. The longer I look at a position the more I forget what is happening the worse my thinking becomes the more convoluted my thought process and then at the last moment I grow impatient I play on instinct and the move is a blunder. I can only rationally play blitz. My coach has repeated to me over and over again not to play less than 15 mins games but I just can't help it. 


    Any advice would be apprecitaed.

    If you won't listen to your coach, why should we expect you to listen to a bunch of random responses on a chess forum?

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    I've won numerous games down material. I've also lost games that I was 100% winning too. There was absolutely no reason to resign that first game posted here. Blacks down a pawn, so what? Not only does white have 2 isolated pawns, but that rook on the 7th could easily get trapped with Bb6 followed by Bc8 if white is careless. Chess isn't just about winning and losing. Sometimes you just gotta fight for a draw or some kind of counterplay in a worse position.


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