Will I get false banned?


i am scared i will get false banned because I have been winning all me games today with high accuracy.I have just won my 9 game in a row and scared to play another one. 

If you’re not cheating you won’t be banned trust me you’re good
Also nice job on the wins!

The anti cheat system uses a lot of different factors (browser focus, timing, etc) - if you're not cheating, you really have nothing to worry about.

But no, you're playing some very good games - but you're not scoring what an engine would. Don't worry, keep playing and keep enjoying the game.

Oh yeah....and enjoy winning some good games, without stressing about it!


yeah you have nothing to worry about even if you are winning some good chess games with high accuracy. takes a lot of different factors into account like crodilestyle1 said, other than just high accuracy and winning streaks. 


Yup nothing to worry about only bans if they have enough evidence to ban you and high accuracy and winning streaks don’t really matter it’s just your skill


If the site determines somethings suspicious they will ban you with evidence. If you are banned then it's because they are almost 100% sure you were cheating.


Posting about it doesn't change anything.



yeah of course i have heard that on a rare occasion actually banned a member because they thought the member had cheated but the member actually did NOT cheat but i actually do not know if its true


You won't be banned. only bans members if they have enough evidence and if they are 100% sure. 

AunTheKnight does not use CAPS score to determine whether you are cheating.


no you're fine, you have extremely good games like 96% accuracy and then you have games with 12% accuracy and games with 50% accuracy. Cheaters usually have like 40-50 games in a row of just 95%+

It’s all your skill. I’m sure you’ll be a long time Member!