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World Youth Results after Round 3

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    Go ShadowKnight! He's Kevin Moy and is less than 12 years old?

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    I'm 99.99 percent sure. Of course, he'll actually have to confirm it before I'm sure.

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    I had a feeling he's 12, but is in the under 12 category.

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    Under 12 really means 11 and 12, Under 10 means 10 and 9, etc.

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    So he probably is 12

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    Scottrf wrote:

    I had a feeling he's 12, but is in the under 12 category.

    As long as he was under 12 on Jan 1, 2012, he can play in the U12 category.

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    I wasn't saying he was in the wrong category, Timothy asked if he was less than 12 years old.

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    Scottrf wrote:

    I wasn't saying he was in the wrong category, Timothy asked if he was less than 12 years old.

    I didn't say you did. Is Kacparov in this one.

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    Thanks for the update, good luck with the rest.

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    Is it like, 1 in the morning over there?

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    now it is- 2 a.m. in Slovenia, 1 a.m. in the UK, 8 p.m. Eastern USA, 5 p.m. Western USA.

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    Yup, true. 15:47 now :)

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    Setbacks are hard to take, Shadowknight.

    But you can grow from them.

    One lesson which I suspect you might be able to take from this one is that in a lengthy tournament you need to manage your emotional state of mind. The bigger the event the more this is true. The very best take each game as it comes and it just does not matter whether the game before was a triumph or a disaster. Tough to do.

    Anyway I hope you gained from the experience. Put on a good show for your mum and dad. If you think you have learned stuff from the experience, tell them about what you have learned. They will be hoping you aren't too disappointed.

    Good luck for what remains of the trip. :)

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    Oh...:/ Just don't give up!

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    You aren't tied for last place :-) I only do the USA players because, well, I don't have 7 hours to do all the countries and I live in the USA. Keep in mind that you are ahead of many players from other countries, and that you can still make an even score.

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    http://www.chess.com/forum/view/general/scenarios-for-under-12-open-in-world-youth Interesting article about Cameron's chances for the gold (he is in sole first place now in U 12 Open.

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    Shadowknight911 wrote:

    I found yet anonother way to lose last night - on time.  And it wasn't one of those "losing by time is better than resigning" things. I somehow managed to not even notice I was short of time until I was actually flagged.  And on  33nd move - 7 moves short.  And I was up, a bishop for a pawn in a won endgame.  Yep,  my head is screwed up.  yeah I get to stay up until 1am or so, I don't get up usually until 9 or 9:30am. 

    Well I can't get much lower I'm tied for last place while my fellow Bay Area U12 players Caminator2000, Sam, and VKPanch are all in medal contention.  I hope they can sweep the medals for U12.

    Im sure in the aftermath I''ll find something that I learned, but for now I can't think of anything other than I'm an idoit.

    This stuff happens sometimes.  Some years ago at a big regional event I was paired with a strong master in the third from last round.  A win would put me in strong contention for a top prize going into the final two games. 

    I completely outplayed him, and arrived at move 38 with a choice of two winning plans.  One seemed quicker but did allow him some active counterplay, although it didn't look like it was going anywhere.  The alternative kept a grip on the position and an extra pawn and he has no play, but it was going to be a long squeeze.

    I had a little over ten minutes left, so I decided to calculate the first line as far as I could before choosing.  I got lost in thought and suddenly:  "clink!" (the older analog clock's little plastic flag fell audibly in the silence of the playing hall).  I immediately looked, of course, and saw it, then at my opponent, who was more surprised than I was.

    Sooner or later, Caissa will return the point to your account.  Until then, all you can do is suck it up and play the next game.  Don't worry, you may never be able to laugh about it, but the pain fades away.

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    I read a brief article on how the world youth tiebreaks work, and this is what I could see by my calculations:remember,these aren't final yet,so I'm not 100 percent positive

    Under 8 Open-Christopher Shen wins bronze, with 8.5/11!

    Under 12 Open-Samuel Sevian and Cameron Wheeler are each part of a 4 way tie for the gold! From what I can tell,because Samuel defeated Cameron in an earlier round,and head to head is the first tiebreak,if it comes down to these 2,Samuel gets it. However,if it doesn't come down to head to head and instead goes to Buchholz cut (Buchholz but dropping the 2 lowest scores of your opponents),anything could happen. It's too early here!

    Under 14 Open:Kayden Troff wins gold! Kayden was a point behind his opponent going into the last round,but he won,and since head-to-head is the first tiebreak,he wins the gold!

    Of course,there were so many other brilliant showings,but I only stuck to the medals (or potential ones)for now.


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