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Would you rather win a bad game or lose a good one?

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    HotFlow wrote:


    "I think thats a really bad atitude, what if all great people in history would have thought so... even though we never be anything more then mediocre not giving the best and strive for the best is a sin in my opinion"


    I think you will find many so called "great" people got to be so due to the enthusiasm and enjoyment for their pursuits rather than the sheer motivation of topping their respective fields.

    However, the fact remains that for you and me and for many others chess will and can only ever be a hobby.  Spending time on a hobby comprised boring/bad games can only amount to a wasted existence.

    you make a very interesting point about the enthusiam i guess i must go back to reading the wsj

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    I rather lose a good game. I do not feel proud to win a game that I played like crap.

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    I don't

    billycan wrote:

    I don't have this problem. I lose them all


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