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Would you undergo brain surgery to get an engine chip implanted?

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    Say houdini 1.5a. And lets say 6 months recovery time from post op but your new rating will be 3200.

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    No. If implanting chips in the brain were actually possible, there are so many other chips that I would rather have than a chess engine.

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    No way. Chess wouldn't be any fun. Plus, I would probably get the same treatment as Ivanov

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    of course not..its good be natural human :) 

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    and eventually you will get busted :) does make a fun feat on a party. Well.. no not even that, no one plays chess on parties.

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    I still have Gideon I in there and my rating has peaked.

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    Maybe you should implant a potato chip in your brain, so you can be Mr. Potato Head.

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    That is honestly the dumbest question I've ever seen. If you're only looking to win games (and not based on your own skill even, on some computer's!) then you're going about the whole game of chess wrong.

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    Op's account is closed. Just noticed.


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