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Yesterday's meetup

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    So, how did everyone get along at Yesterday's meetup? Us London lot met in a pub in Covent Garden, and wiled away a day hunkered over chess boards. It was bloody awesome! We're doing it again methinks. So...

    Thank you to chess.com for starting the ball rolling, and...

    Thank you to Lucian for being an absolute champion and organising it. (including sacrificing playing himself to run the blitz tournement!) Good work mate! 

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    We (Lewisville, Texas) met at a Fox & Hound pub ... only 3 out of the 7-9 who committed actually showed up ... so that was a little disappointing. Still fun ... we played and talked for a while.

    Like the idea of running a blitz tourney ... we might do it the next time if we have enough people! :)

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    It was good having a little tournement. We had about seventeen people turn up I think, so it was a really good turnout. I love the idea that all over the world, on the same day, groups of people linked by chess were doing exactly the same thing!

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    Excellent thread. Happy to hear you had such a fantastic time

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    kohai wrote:

    Excellent thread. Happy to hear you had such a fantastic time

    It was great! It's a funny thing, but you play on chess.com for all this time, and you make friends, but you never get to meet someone. That's what made it so awesome. 

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    Felt exact same way when i went over the America to meet the Chess.com staff so i can relate.

    Absolutely awesome!

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    duh! I missed it... maybe next time

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