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YOUR IQ compared to" World Chess Champion" Garry Kasparov ..

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    btickler wrote:
    camter wrote:

    Dear me, I made the comment weeks ago, btick.

    Better late than never I guess.

    This thread started in 2011...some 300 weeks ago.  I wouldn't call my post "late".  It's the first time I saw your post, and it's just as misguided now as when you made it .  Now, if I had responded to the OP that is long gone, that would be late.

    You really have me worried. People who one does not like are very useful, as they will tell the truth where others only flatter. 

    But, I thought that particular post was reasonably true and sensible, and even mildly interesting and uncontroversial.

    It will keep me awake tonight.

    Anyway, thank you. Life goes on.

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    btickler wrote:
    aThinkingThing wrote:
    8/10, it was fun but this is not a true indication of your intelligent quotient. I had taken an official IQ test (one who's results are recognized my Mensa) as a child and it took more then a 1 day to complete.

    Did the test ask if you can use "whose" and "who's" correctly?

    Thank goodness it did not! sad.png

    I notice that and another typo in my post, but I couldn't find how to edit it from the iPhone application.

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    Lol 6 years later...

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    John Ludvig Hammer is a GM, but he's as dumb as a box of rocks, IMHO.   At the highest levels, memory is more important than IQ.   

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    I’m 137 via a core evaluation test and I am horrible , but love, chess. IQ doesn’t correlate with much when you get into it. Some guy had a IQ of almost 200. Dudes a janitor.
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    I have an IQ, measured by the Mensa organization, of 154.  But the IQ test doesn't heavily measure pattern recognition or certain kinds of memory and speed of recall.

    If you give me lots of time - like daily/correspondence chess, where I have a 2116 USCF Correspondence Rating from the pre-strong-home-computer 1970's, then I play well.

    If you give me 2 1/2 hrs/game - as in my U.S. Open OTB games, then I play well.

    But give me less than hour on the clock and I struggle.  My main goal now is to improve on pattern recognition and the self discipline to pay more attention to hanging pieces and X-ray Attacks, two tactics that chesstempo's database says I miss a lot in Tactics Problems.

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    i got 9/10 :\

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    Shame i don't know cities..

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    Isn't number 8 361 since the sum of all the digits of the other numbers are odd?


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