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Your strangest game(s) ?

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    Just wondering what is the strangest or most unusual game(s) you have had? I have a few that come to mind, myself. One game that had 4 pawns isolated on the e-file ... with alternating colors. WT, bl, WT, bl. Think it was from a French defense or similar.

    In a postal with Alex Dunne, we reached a position where I got to send an "IF" move that would have made the position identical on both sides. Each side had a Rook, King and three pawns that would be in such position that if you spun the board around, you would be looking at the Same position with the colors reversed. Another strange aspect was that after reaching that position, it would be His move. But the first one to move in it would stand worse. (Naturally, great player that he is, he just declined the IF sequence.)

    Lastly, in about 1982 I had an otb game that i got to end with the move o-o-o# mate. Finally, in 2008 I got to add the "bookend" and end an online game with o-o# mate~!  But how is this for strange; the o-o-o# was from the WT side of a Queens Gambit, and the o-o# came on the WT side of a King's Gambit! (Much thanks to those players for finishing out without resigning with mate in sight!)

    Weird, huh? Chess is a weird game sometimes tho ...

    Oh yeah, one more comes to mind now which was pretty strange in a different way .... Playing Black vs a King's Gambit in  the weekend swiss I grabbed a piece to make a move right as my opponent has left the room. Unfortunately, the move would lose a Knight. But where was my opponent? Finally, after sitting and looking at my totally Lost position upon the board for over 40 minutes, he returns smiling because he just sold his car. Of course, seeing me drop a piece probably didnt dampen his mood any either! However, he had but three minutes left to finish out the game.

    In the end, we were both happy I guess. Since he had sold his car, and I managed to pull out the win on "Time". And I cannot stress enough how hard it is to sit and look at a losing move for that long, knowing you are not going to try to take it back.... but WISHING, just wishing  Smile

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    Hi Eiwob, I thought I did but don't it seems. The Dunne game is on an online d-base but not the ones I recalled. I will have to go back and look thru some "XT" files for that one, since the paper copy was lost in the flood. (Hopefully I can find that eventually since Alex did a very nice analysis from his side of the board, that I prized) As would be the 4 isolani game (flood). The o-o-o# was at a club long ago and not sure if ever recorded but if so, flooded.

    [ I think it was Lasker who had a nice game end in o-o-o# ? Or was it that it could have but he played R-d1# !? I cannot recall which, but did see that game online just last year. ]

    And the KG game was recently played on another site that changed its forums, where it was recorded, and the thread it was in did not make it to becoming a Google selection, tho many there do. I Was thinking it would be safe Forever(!) being electronically stored. Then turns out to be one of the few that don't Google there. And that was the only copy since that site does not give you the game moves as you play, on any scoresheet. So I had to go immediately after the game and write it out before I forgot. Now I have.  :(

    Regards, Craig A.C.

    PS, I was really hoping Other players than me would post Their unusual games~! Or tell of them. It didn't occur to me there might be interest in seeing my games more too. Have you had something memorable then, too? I'd like to hear about it or see the game if you do.

    I am asking on the other site to see if anyone happened to get that KG recorded before it went away.

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    Eiwob, Good fortune prevails at last and the King's Gambit game is found now. This is my first game posting here, so I hope I have inserted it properly. If any difficulties occur, it is also previously annotated at this link: http://gameknot.com/annotate.pl?id=16213

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    I would post the game if I knew how.  I come from a generation that didn't grow up with computers.  I am not sure it is my strangest game, but it is certainly one of the games I am the most proud of.  I  was down a queen, bishop and 2 pawns and he was threatening mate, but I overcame and mated with a pawn and a rook.  It was a semi-smothered mate, because of some of his own pawns.  The player was Kydden and it concluded on 12/17/2007 on this website.  It is also one of the reasons I don't like to resign, because you never know for sure if it is over until it's actually over.

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    This shows how great BaronDerKilt was.

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    This is JediMaster's game...


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