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7 moves ahead

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    i am playing in a tournament and our game was moved 7 moves ahead,coincidentally with the scenario i had the day before when i was analizing it.we have 3 days per move and it was going very slowly

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    Not good!

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    It sounds like you may have accidentally entered the moves into the conditional moves window rather than the Analysis board. 

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    thanks jaclyn,that was what i did.still don't know how it works but learned something.Peter

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    hi jaclyn.still i don't understand how this works.in 1 day the computer puts us ahead by 7 moves without my or my opponents consent.my component did not even noticed!!!???sorry to bother you but you are the ONLY person who had any idea about this.chess.com refers you to the usuals forums.Thanks, Peter.

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    So basically, when you use the conditional moves window you're setting up automatic moves to be made. This link explains more in depth:


    So as long as your opponent followed the line you set up, the moves you put on that board will be made automatically.

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    thanks and i shall NOT use this feature again.Peter


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