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Acct restricted - I'm innocent!

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    My account has been restricted due to "violating" the fair play policy. For several games in a row after each game I would get the warning, even though I played the game all to the end, never abandoned, nothing unsportsmanly, etc. Finally, I was notified that my account had been restricted. But I didn't do anything wrong! Help!

    This aggression will not stand. No Justice, No Peace.  

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    I've reset the restriction for you. By chance are you starting all your games, making the first move within 15-20 seconds of the start? Do you often abort a game to try and play another color? 

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    I generally start games and make the first move fairly quickly, though at times I open a new tab while waiting on a game and then return too late to start a game, which will have been aborted by the server. I never abort to try and play another color. Earlier today I DID have to let the time run out on a game, after my boss may or may not have busted me playing while at work....but that is extremely rare. 


    Thanks for lifting the restriction. 

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    No problem, glad to help. 

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    dear sir i am asking a question why do i get a reply o fair play comeing up when there is a connecsion failure when while i am waiting to get reconnected and it is his clock that his ticking down and when i get connected i have lost the game

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    FEDTEL, the FPP looks at all your games, but resets every 3 days or so. I don't see this being an issue for you currently. :)

    craftycol, it sounds like you were disconnected for more than 1 minute. This is standard, and your games will be considered abandoned -- I'd be happy to help you with some tips on lessening your disconnections if you'd like. 

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    it was a genuine mistake is computer went down while i was playing him then mine went down while i was waiting for him to come back on line i dont think he done it on purpose

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    Dude - playing chess at work?? I'm impressed - that is balsy! 

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    the part where he said his boss might have caught him playing at work was LOL

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                                 "I was framed I tell ya"!Yell                                                                                             

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    Nice pic

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    Would be something difficult to play chess while working. I'm a bike messenger!!! Especially today with snowstorm and cold....

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    That would be impressive and difficult, and dangerous! Be careful out there!

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    Yes that would be! Especially in Montréal downtown


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