Another account on the same IP Adress??

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    hey, I have a question...

    I have an older brother that is in 10th grade. He wants to open a account, but I told him to wait because I thought I might get in trouble if someone thinks I made 2 accounts on the same IP adress. Is my brother allowed to join, or is it only 1 account per IP... i'm not sure...

    My brother is terrible, and I'm not going to play against him ever! I don't want to be accused of transferring rating because my brother lost... I won't play him, I can just do that at home!... Please help me, I assure you that my brother and I won't cause problems here on Cool

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    1 email = 1 acount

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    I bet, all the GMs of this site have some secret identity where they pose being mediocre-rated players, when in fact they are like super strong! For example, nobody has ever seen me and Carlsen in the same room, right?

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    Well if he does make an account play it safe and don't enter the same tournaments / play each other / anything like that.  Because I'm pretty sure they delete both accounts not just the 2nd one.

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    A household can have multiple accounts. Best to contact staff so you can avoid potential pitfalls, though.

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    My wife and I both play on here without any problem. When people have asked before, the usual advice is simply "don't play against each other".

    Similarly, many people play from schools, universities, cybercafés, etc, and presumably do not have a problem.

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    Well, I haven't mentioned it to staff, and I'm pretty sure she hasn't. Any staff reading this, please don't delete our accounts :)

    We don't play against each other and haven't encountered any problems.

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    My son and I both have accounts and access from the same IP address.  There should be no problem as long as you don't play any rated games against each other.

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    Yup, I asked a support and they said as long as we don't play rated games against each other...

    Thanks everyone for the help!

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    Suvel_Karmarkar wrote:

    Yup, I asked a support and they said as long as we don't play rated games against each other...

    Thanks everyone for the help!

    Correct :)

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    As far as they dont play against each other in a rated game it is ok the play from the same connection?

    And what happens if they are paired in the same tournament (rated)?

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