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Anything changed overnight?

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    For some reason, chess.com won't load on my system today .. nothings changed my side, I wondered if anything had changed your side? The page shows but it's corrupted and frozen.

    It says my browser is out of date .. (I'm using IE 9) and I've had to install Firefox in order to get back on the site .. which I don't like.



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    so far I have not had any problems playing anyone

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    Any Brits had any problems I wonder?


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    Hellooooo! Are there any techies there?? This is the 'help & support' department isn't it??


  • #5

    There aren't any.


  • #6

    Not saying staff never checks the forums; in fact they seem to check regularly, but the quickest way to get a response is to file a support ticket. Back in the day, I used to use Explorer and had many problems.  It was suggested I go Chrome and with great annoyance and reluctance I did so and found everything worked much better.  Just saying...

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    Thanks baddogno. I'll do just that.


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    Sorry Jo, I'm not experiencing any problems. Hope you get it sorted.

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    calico i would closed everything down then come back on line


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