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are you getting this "Malware" ?

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    from this thread ? (1st page)


    Malware is being detected ?

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    My browser (chromium) also gave me a warning.

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    someone being cute i guess and trying to imbed something 

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    In all likelihood this is some sort of XSS hack that Google can't do anything but warn us about.

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    just submit a ticket to the "tech" guys.

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    so our tech guys can't really do anything about it except to remove that thread  ?

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    there should be a way to delete the post and ban the user (it cannt be unintentional to do something like that) deleating the whole thread is overkill 

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    According to Chrome, the issue is not chess.com but some random website forum, which indicates that chess.com is probably passing along waaay too much information from linked-to websites (thus tripping up antivirus), or it's an XSS (Cross-Site Scripting) hack and the web developers need to get their act together.

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    This has been fixed now.

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    It popped up malware when I tried to visit lmkjiuy's profile.

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    Better report this to the support tech guys.

    here: http://www.chess.com/help


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