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    Date: 8/16/13 , 2:45 pm


    This short letter would be best read and answered by a chess.com staff member.


    I keep get this message/pop up (see below) a couple days ago. It claims that I have been violating the "Fair Day Policy", which is some B.S. I've viewed the "Fair Day Policy" and I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT I VIOLATED THE POLICY. How can I remove this message? It has bugging me as of late. Everytime I start a game this message keeps popping up. I have been a member since the beginning of February 2013. I've enjoyed Chess.com since day one. It has made me a better chess player. I have won 3rd place at my school's Chess tournament because of playing countless amounts of games on this website. Chess.com was like a friend to me now it's like a ENEMY. I just want the message removed. I am very mad,upset and annoyed of this message before a play a nice, friendly game of chess. If I am doing something wrong, please tell me what I did or am doing wrong, and how to correct it.

     Sincerely, A very upset member :(



    Please do not intentionally abort or disconnect from games, or make your opponents wait unnecessarily. Your account may be restricted if you do not follow our Fair Play Policy. Thank you for keeping Chess.com a fun and fair place to enjoy chess!

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    YOu may have accidentally aborted, disconnected or took a really long time in making a move which would cause that warning to pop up. Just keep playing in accord with the fair play policy and it will disappear after some time :)

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    I am actually able to 3 tournament for a week, but I don’t because after 1 tournament accuses is over for all the week even sometimes takes more than a week time into the system to be able to play more tenements.My account is limited I was not able to chat with playerbecause the system asked me to add my email .You have to register with email or…? I appreciate your sportily attitude and thank you for your support and encouraging me!!

    God bless you,

     HinduKush 7777                                                                                                                    


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