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Banned Player on Vacation???

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    Maybe someone can shed some light on this.

    Recently one of my opponents account was closed for cheating. Normally what happens is the closed account remaining games eventually time out and the opponents get the win and rating points. Logging on tonight I noticed this player was put on automatic vacation after the account was closed when one of the games had only a few minutes remaining. What's strange about this is this banned player was not a premium member before the account was closed so why did auto vacation come on? Also even if the player was premium surely after the account is closed all games would simply time out irrespective of how much vacation time the player had prior to being banned. I suspect it's a bug as there is no way the player could've put themselves on vacation as the account was closed.

    Just curious.

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    Any ideas, particularly from staff. Thanks

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    Thanks, felt it was a bit unusual.

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    Erik, noticed the banned player is back on vacation, must be auto vacation malfunction.


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