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blocked list

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    I currently have another member on my blocked list, this member was previously on my friends list but no longer, i still get alerts in my tracking regarding this person and would like to eliminate these alerts...why do i still get tracking alerts when this person is no longer a friend and is on my blocked list?

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    Mike - go to Home - Account - Alert & Email Settings - scroll to the bottom.

    Find them alphabetically, and click Remove.  Hope this helps, my friend!

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    thanks Daryl, i did that, no luckYell

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    If you ever made comments on their Pictures or Blogs or other content, it automatically checks a box to notify you of further content updates.  As you get the notifications, go to the pages and uncheck that box.  There may be many.

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    is there a way to contact administration about this?

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    At the bottom of any screen here, click on Help & Support.  In the next window click on Contact Support (lower left just above Facebook/Twitter links).  Good luck!

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    im having the same issue 


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