board won't show in email chess

popeketric wrote:

I'm having a similar problem, with all of my browsers, and found that the last two files you listed above are blocked by an organizational firewall.

I too have the two files blocked at work.

I assume there is no way around this without getting the firewall changed?


You have to work with your local network admin. Sorry!


And now Safari is really old and there is a 5.0.6 version; the one I'm using now


Just in case anyone from wants to know:

I use a mac Air laptop in Holland and Belgium where I have no problem to get the chessboard up in e-chess. However, now I am in Spain with the same laptop and I cannot get the chess board to show in e-chess. Also chess mentor and Tactics trainer do not show boards. The rest of the site works perfect. I tested my browser and here are the results:

What browser/version are you using?: Google Chrome Full version 18.0.1025.151

Session Cookies = True

Java Script Enabled = True

Firewall = False

Width / Height (numbers) = 1366 / 768

Broadband = True (1.34 Mbps, latency 212 ms)

Platform = OSX Lion 10.7.3

For several days the site worked completely (about 2 days ago), but now e-chess and chess mentor / tactics trainer do not show a board.

It is not a problem, as I use the iPad app and that works perfect. But maybe you wanted to know.

BTW, I love the site. Excellent!, thanks.


erik wrote:

If you are having problems using the site, please run this test ( and then answer these questions:1) what browser/version are you using? 2) SessionCookies? = true or false3) JavaScriptEnabled? = true or false 4) Firewall? = true or false 5) Width/height = (numbers)6) Broadband? = true or false 7) Platform (OS) = (win, mac, etc)That would REALLY help! :)

Great link to run a test!


Please help:

When playing correspondence/online/e-mail chess I can see the outline of the board but no pieces. I cannot use the daily chess puzzle nor the tactics trainer. So far, I have been forced to lose 6-10 online games (which are no vacation tournies) and my timeout ratio is up to 17% and will increase to over 20% in the next 24h.

I've read through the posts outlined on this website and nothing seems to resolve the issues. I have run the test in both my browsers (Firefox 7 Safari) and the results are below:

1. Safari 5.1.5

2. True

3. True

4. False

5. 1280/800

6. False

7. Mac


1. Firefox 12.0

2. True

3. True

4. False

5. 1280/800

6. False

7. Mac


In this link:


I see a list of text.


For this link:


I just see a picture of a bishop.


Some help or advice would be appreciated. This is a very recent problem and is severely hindering the enjoyment and value I get from


Many Thanks


Andy I've sent you a message on this.


Hello i recently joined and i think i have been restricted. I had a bad internet connection that froze me out and it may have seemed that i was leaving people hanging. Please can someone help me?


Hi guys,

Can someone assist: How do u reject a pawn of the opponent to pass you by? Pls answer urgently I'm on the game now, lol

Moshoadiba wrote:

Hi guys,

Can someone assist: How do u reject a pawn of the opponent to pass you by? Pls answer urgently I'm on the game now, lol

Do you mean en passant?  This page shows you how to perform that move


hi kohai

i am a iranian player.

my friend have a problem.her account is closed.we dont know why her account closed?we are Very sadFrown.her account is:sarayemehraboon.shi want to Understand her account been hack or closed by iranian helpers and What does she.please help us.thank you.


THe emails sent to me for the games I have completed playing comes through as an attachment.WHen I try to open the attachment the games sent to me do not open up.THus Icannot go through my games that I played.Pls help me.


Hi.   For me it's the latest update of Java that made me lose all java functions.  Has that been an issue for other people or just me?  I removed all earlier versions and deleted the cache, too, and the JavaTester said it was successfully installed.  I may just revert to an earlier java version and try that.  But for now, with my version 7 update 25, Applets never actually load and the play vs. computer screen demands I load Java.   

This is with IE 8.0, Windows XP, SessionCookies and Javascript = T, width 1280, heighth 720, Broadband True, Firewall false (even though Comodo says it's working...).


Why stop calling it email chess.. It makes more sense then online chess. All chess on is online..


Strange world!    Now when I sign in, the applets still don't load but the play vs. computer did function, after security pop-ups first made me assume the responsibility for using your UNSIGNED product.  




bad gamer 


I cant see my board or anything else when i go to play live. All i get is a screen that shows what friens of mine are online. i cant get it to change out of that it takes up the whole screen. I havent been able to play for over a week now. does anybody know how to fix this


It's a browser issue or install a new  java version.


I had to install new Java version 7.  After install I get this message: 


Name: play against the computer applet


Your security settings have blocked an untrusted application from running. 

I don't know how to allow this new application to get unblocked.  Any advise?  Using windows vista