Bug: problem logging in


Since yesterday, when the main page got changed a little, I have had to input my id and password two or three times before I can get logged in.  Not a big deal, but it is a bit of a hassle; although I don't know if there is a limit to how often you are allowed to try to log in before the system no longer allows you to try.

By the way, I thought I would also mention that in the past, I have had problems logging in from the page where you log in after clicking on the "log in" link, or after you log off.  It was not a problem becuase I would just go back to the main page and could log in there ok.



Ever since I joined Chess.com, I always have had to input my password twice to log in.  I assumed it was a security thing.  Is it?


Until yesterday, I have had to do it only once, and I would get logged in ok.  Yesterday and earlier this morning, I had to do it twice (yesterday afternoon), and three times (earlier this morning).  Now, I just logged in again, and this time, had to do it only once, like before.  :-)

BTW, I am using the Firefox browser.


Same issue with myself and a friend that plays. He told me about the issue happening at work (Ubuntu with Firefix) and home (Windows XP with IE8).  I tested it multiple times for myself here at work (Windows 7 with Firefox 3.6.3) and it started happening to me as well.  Seems random.


Logging in from the home page is totally broken for me now. I have to click on the login link to get on now.

bfound wrote:

Logging in from the home page is totally broken for me now. I have to click on the login link to get on now.

yeah, what he said.

Sorry guys I am working to fix this. For the time being please click on the login button to login and do not press enter. I'll let everyone know when it is back to normal.

Hey leeked, thanks!  Good luck fixing it.


Alright - sorry for the delay. This should be all fixed now.

Please let us know if you are still experiencing problems.


Using Chrome from Google, no problems logging in! :-)


Seems to be working ok this morning (Sunday, Oct. 31).  Thanks!

BTW noticed the top of the main page got cahnged back to the way it was before a couple of days ago.  So maybe that is why it works again.  :-)

Thanks again!


When I'm forced to use IE I always get a warning on log in that I'm being directed to a site (chess.com) that is insecure, I think because the security certificate for the site is expired and/or invalid.

Does anyone know why that is?