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Bye-bye, chess.com

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    Stigmatisert wrote:
    macer75 wrote:
    Myxaxa wrote:

    It was my last game in chess.com. I was winning the person who had 100 points more than me, but due to program bug in Apple OS I couldn't make any move. His clock was running, but actually it was my clock. ... Bye-bye

    lol the guy wasn't kidding. His account is closed.

    That's what I call integrity.

    Smart of the site not to lock the thread. That would have made him a legend.

    He's the James Dean of the chess world!  I will stand on my car tonight, arm high in the air and flick my Bic.

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    I returned with new name: Russian_Game and upgraded my account to premium. Now it looks much better...

    Yesterday I've done my first game without any blinders or mistakes. See that:


    OK, there were only 15 moves, but definitely, it was so: just one inaccuracy.

    Owing to the fact of premium account, I was able to overcome the same problem which was happend yesterday again... I was taking a bath with Ipad, was playing this one:


    Again: I was disconnected.... I did move, looks like it was not received by the chess.com server, but Apple application decided that move has been done... So, undressed and wet, I jumped out from the bath and was able to finish the game in time and win... Actually I was right: the server didn't accepted my last move, but Apple application did it! Due to this disrepancy the clock was running on my side.

    You should do something with Apple application...

    And thank you for poetry, LOL :-)

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    Russian_Game wrote:

    And thank you for poetry, LOL :-)

    You're welcome!


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