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can' see the board

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    When I challenge in the chart, I can tell somebody is waitng for me to make a move but I don't see the board. I only see the board that's always there whe you open the link. Please help

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    no, just the initial chess board before you issue a challenge.

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    Hi, what browser/version are you using?

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    sorry, i believe  you are reffering to the graph in live chess

    First thing to try is

    1) ensure your using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browsers (NOT Internet Explorer or Opera)

    2)clear all of your cookies and cache from your browser, and then try again.

    If that still fails to work post here again



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    I'm using Chrome, cleared all cookies and cache, when I issue a challenge 

    stays loading all the time till the oponent just leaves. Thanks for your help.

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    ok have you upgraded to the latest release?

    go to the spanner top right corner of chrome, then go to About Chrome.

    It will tell you if your up to date



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    All is up to date...

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    Does the same problem persisit when you use Mozilla Firefox?

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    with Mozilla also. I can only play w/computer.

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    have you got java installed tormentedmind?

  • #12

    yeap. nothing works so far


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