I generally only play ' live games' on ipad and not on line becase the board looks better on live. I am fairly anoyed by cheats who use some sort of bug where by one of ther peices disapears and even if you take all teir pieces you still loose, could some sort out this cheat please.


Have you got an example because most of the time these bug reports are someone not knowing the rules of chess.


Yes, please send us a ticket with information on your issue, please:

If you suspect someone, please use bottom left 'Help & Support' link. When that page opens, click on the left side option where it says Contact Us and submit a 'Suspected Cheat' ticket.


Also see this page


We provide tools to report cheating to our staff. But having several constant and redundant threads on the topic that circulate with the same questions and comments over and over again isn't helpful, and instead causes people to worry more than they need to. If you want to discuss cheating, please do it in this group


First, I know the rules of chess -- I play OTB regularly.

Second, I've seen this on my iphone not in live but in online, where one of my pieces simply stops being visible or selectable. It does not happen on the web interface. I've never seen my opponent's piece disappear. I believe it is an intermittent bug in the display code for the mobile apps, as when I go to a browser window on my mac, the position is correct again. It does not seem to be reproducable (at least I can't figure out how to make it happen) and it is both intermittent and rare.

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