Just played player called [name removed by moderator], he used this cheat whereby a piece disapears and even if you take all his peices you loose and at ebd of time on bliz games pieces are in old positions. Can someone fix this cheat or at least remove players like  [name removed by moderator]  who use it . I wrecks bliz game.


1. I seriously doubt that what you said there is true

2. If and I say IF this IS true you are breaking a rule which is to not name players suspected of cheating until they are actually caught. 

3. There is no #3

4. Please use proper grammar and spelling. It is harder to take someone seriously when a 4th grader could spell better.

5. Report this to help and support at this way it remains private so if you are wrong the person is not disgraced

6 Block this person just in case

7.AT your rating almost no one will cheat.

8. You lost that game fair and square-there was no cheating. Blunders were made by both people.