Forums Website Down??



I appologize for the server outages we have had today. A few times the site has gone down for 5-10 minutes. Needless to day, this has been VERY frustrating for us (and for you as well).

It is happening for 2 reasons: The first is that we are getting SLAMMED with traffic, more than we anticipated. The good news is that we are installing 3 new servers tonight to help with that. That should set us for a while. The second reason, well, we're not quite sure, but it may have something to do with bad memory, bugs in mysql, or some odd incompatibility with FreeBSD. 

Thanks for being patient as we get this worked out! Sometimes there is a real reason why it says "BETA" up there in the logo :)

In other news, LIVE CHESS is looking really good... ;) 

I guess it is a bad thing that the website has gone down a few times today but it is a good thing that is getting a lot of visitors. So it all equals out, haha

yeah, I was having trouble getting on a few minutes ago, but I'm on now.  If anyone has trouble getting to by typing it in the browser address bar, try googling  and clicking on the link!  It worked for me!

Good to hear about the Live Chess bit! This server is sure going to attract much more people!
Erik; I think it's great not only that you're attending to the problems but just as important that you keep us informed.  The level of communication remains outstanding.  The traffic figures to get heavier and heavier as more features are offered.  It looks like this site will eventually become huge. 
the bad news is that the site is slow right now. the good news is that will be running on totally new hardware by tomorrow morning! there will probably be an hour of downtime tonight (PST) some time. thanks for being patient!
Consider RedHat or Fedora... I know anyway that FreeBSD is great.
Thanks for keeping us all informed and fixing the problems promptly.  Good sites are bound to have traffic.  There's no doubt the guys behind this site are very competent.

I usually play with my laptop(wireless connection). When I get down, I go to wireless network connection, disable it and inmediately enable it again and almost all the time it runs ok for me. Also, when this fails, I unpluged the router and the modem(usually you don't have to do this), after that you pluged the modem first and wait 1 minute and pluged the router(this always works for me)! I am sure people on are working very hard on this and will fix all this problems. We all have to be very gratefull of their job.  !good luck!

Haven't you tried with just F5?

I wonder how many servers they have running now?

LordHunkyhair3 wrote:

I wonder how many servers they have running now?

A lot 😁