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    dpruess wrote:

    nope. players who lose on time while playing a game don't get dinged as poor sports. players who sit for 10 minutes down a queen without making a single move, game after game after game, will. as will people who disconnect every time they lose material. that is poor sportsmanship.

    don't worry, staff are not crazy, and are chessplayers. we know it's normal to lose on time in a blitz game.

    i suppose that hitting the "resign" button does not count as  disconnect every time they lose material. that is poor sportsmanship.? i do click "resign" if i lose the queen in first few moves (for example) it kills my will to play....i suppose this does not count as "poor sportmanship"...i don't even know how to "disconnect"....do you mean: log off from the chess.com upon losing some valuable piece? i don't do that, i don't wait very long before any move, and i've aborted only once (as i was sleepy)...why on earth am i receiving warning message?

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    They don't know - the chess.com algorithms for their "fair play" policy are flawed at the core - they are overly simplistic and don't take I to account position or strength.

    What they need to do is develop and adjudication system such as what FICS uses. They already have the analysis code, so all they need do is use a relative strength, such that say, when an opponent is DOWN 2 points, AND delays a certain excessive length, ONLY THEN is an abandonment forced.

    I can't even begin to tell you how many times, I was in a STRONG position (up several pieces, or very strong position) and waiting for the opponent to move, I look at another app (on iPad) or another web page, and despite having a winning position have the chess.com server force an abandonment because I didn't hear the "move" sound and click back in time.

    It's asinine. The fair play policy here is enforced In a most unfair way.

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    thank you for the reply....you have confirmed what i have detected and starting to suspect just several days after registering with this web site...i am not a good chesss player (yet?) but i have a huge talent for noticing NWO style hurdles.

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    fair play is what it is about


    does one wait forever

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    The rules of chess ARE thou shalt use the time on the clock however one wishes.


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    How can I flag somone who didn't respect the  Fair Play policy  ?

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    I made a fair play policy for myself, and that is if someone drops a piece and lets the whole clock run out, I just resign. Why should I be prevented from playing just because there are so many jerks on this site? My rating hasn't even gone down since I started doing this, go figure.

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    i m hemant sharma mai fair play policy ko followe karunga

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    Chess.com claims it can distinguish between accidental disconnects and intentional ones.  I doubt this claim.  I was playing with an iPad and it kept losing the signal, the result being several abandoned games.  I'm sorry about that, but it was clearly accidental, not intentional.  Chess.com, however, immediately sanctioned my account.  So they clearly CANNOT tell the difference between accidental and intentional.  Their claims otherwise are either an exaggeration (accidental), or simply a falsehood (intentional).

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    Several times when I've had a winning position, my opponent has abandoned the board- seemingly out of spite to make me wait around 5 minutes before being declared the winner. What happens when they violate Fair Play in this manner?

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