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    I made a fair play policy for myself, and that is if someone drops a piece and lets the whole clock run out, I just resign. Why should I be prevented from playing just because there are so many jerks on this site? My rating hasn't even gone down since I started doing this, go figure.

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    i m hemant sharma mai fair play policy ko followe karunga

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    Chess.com claims it can distinguish between accidental disconnects and intentional ones.  I doubt this claim.  I was playing with an iPad and it kept losing the signal, the result being several abandoned games.  I'm sorry about that, but it was clearly accidental, not intentional.  Chess.com, however, immediately sanctioned my account.  So they clearly CANNOT tell the difference between accidental and intentional.  Their claims otherwise are either an exaggeration (accidental), or simply a falsehood (intentional).

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    Several times when I've had a winning position, my opponent has abandoned the board- seemingly out of spite to make me wait around 5 minutes before being declared the winner. What happens when they violate Fair Play in this manner?

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