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fair play policy

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    @F_E_R_C: I'm sorry you've encountered difficulty. Have you contacted staff directly about this? If not, try this link:


    and click the radio button for either "Technical Support & Bug Reports" or "Live Chess Issues," whichever you feel better fits the situation. Then fill out the report.

    I hope the situation is resolved soon!

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    What a joke, I play against such assholes sometimes and I get blocked ???? Please review your "fairplay" policy. I played all day as every day and kindly switch my PC on win my first game and get bounced with this policy? Please correct this or I will kindlt stop playing, Its nonsense, I have done nothing wrong !

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    We found the bug and are restarting the server to add the fix for it

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    Should be fixed now live chess is back up. Sorry about that.

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    I keep being penalized for nothing. The first game always says game aborted by server. Who is the server and what am I to do about this? Is there a number that I can reach someone about this because it happens all day everyday.

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    You or your opponent needs to play your first move in under 15 seconds.

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    Do you all have a number to be reached so that I can understand more about not being penalized?

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    minchu97 wrote:

    i recd the following message.i could not continue the game beacuse the mouse in my computer got stuck.I am new to your site and not aware of the rules so kindly excuse.

    You currently cannot create or accept open challenges. Your play is restricted because you have not followed our Fair Play Policy which discourages disconnecting, intentional stalling, etc. However, you are allowed to still play with friends. You may play openly again after finishing more games with fair play. If you feel this is an error, please contact Chess.com support.l message  

    How are you not familiar with the site rules?  You read the TOS when you signed up.

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    I am experiencing the same thing where my opponent is stalling and seems like he is violating fair play policy http://www.chess.com/forum/view/community/this-is-rude

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    BigChoc007 wrote:

    Do you all have a number to be reached so that I can understand more about not being penalized?


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    there are alot of problem in your website chess.com

    i never violated but every time i could not start new game, i recieved pop up message that  you are restricted due to fair play policy , and you violated bla bla bla. but this message is not true. and even if other player violated , i cant start new game and i got the same error

    and after every 5 i got pop message that another login is detective.

    so you need to improve this.


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    http://support.chess.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/171/13/fair-play-policy i would like to know how is posible after years playing in chess.com to be bloked or restricted to play ,because someone has not good connection ,just like me here in Germany or today after a game, when i had to resign because for next move I could be check mate?!!! Yesterday i wanted to play new game and i pushed the buttom for new game and normally the connection could not charge in time the game and I lost more raiting for nothing and also be restricted!!! Double punishment ,points and restriction,, Good bussiness!! After years for my loiality to this site now " restriction"!!! 

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    Fair play??? I had 4 seconds to make a check mate move. But as soon as the player made his move I lost my 4 seconds and game. How's that fair??? Sort it out

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