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Fair play?

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    herbie53 wrote:

    They may also think that he lost of a lot of games on purpose in order to lower his rated; this is also a violation of rules. Having so many games at the same time may have played a part in this. Next give a simul with only a limited number of players, maybe 15 -20 and no more and have a longer time control so you won’t ran out of time.

    Yeah, this was just a trial run. I'll make some adjustments. It certainly had to be no fun to only get 12 moves in against me and then win on time.  My goal was to play as many people as I could, I'm an accomodating person. Anyway, happy ending, chess.com lifted the restriction on me.

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    aww-rats wrote:
    ogichidaag wrote:

    Will you be playing any more simuls here? If so when?

    yes, join my video lessons group and see when I announce them. you need to join anyway, you entered my tournament. don't want to boot you....

     Sure I'll join, I didn't know being a member of the video lesson group was a requirement. Thank you for donating so much of your time here.

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    How do you send a support ticket?

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    See bottom of page, "Help and Support"

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    Hey rats.  In terms of procedure, since you have to be White, you should be the one creating the table and inviting the player.  In this way you avoid unwanted fair play policy to be applied on you.  Cheers.


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