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five games limit

  • #1

    im trying to complete 5 games so i can enter more tournees as a new unrated player, i just won an unrated game by checkmate but its not showing as as a won game in my stats, why it should show 4 now not .... one to go

  • #2

    I'd say they have to be rated games.

  • #3

    Why do you want to enter as "a new unrated player"? The whole point of the rule is to avoid people too underated to enter tournaments.

    For instance, someone with potential to be about 1900 would start here with 1200, as anyone else. If tournaments have no game limits, he will be able to enter an under 1400 tourney and crush everybody. Some tourneys even make a more restrict rule, of 10 or 20 games, for example.

  • #4

    im a new plater to the site and am unrated but many tournees have a completed five game demand irrespective of rating


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