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    On my IPad I noticed that I can use in chess.com a board to play human vs human and follow a book I'm studying move by move, but I don't see that capacity when I use my laptop.

    Is there a way I can do that?

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    Any GUI (WinBoard, Scid vs. PC, Arena, Tarrasch, etc.) can do this for you.

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    I'm not familiar with these....

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    You're not using chess engines to analyze games?

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    He has a chess book and he wants to play through the moves of the games using his laptop, rather than using an actual board and pieces. 

    All he needs to do is Google "Scid vs. PC" or "Arena" or "chess gui" or something similar, and download a chess GUI and use that.

    I also rarely use an actual board to play over GM games anymore.  Using software and a computer has too many advantages.  For one, I can play through a possible line, and then go right back to the main line with the click of a button.  It takes a lot longer to do this with actual pieces. 

    Two, I can click a button and get an engine's evaluation of the position, at any time. 

    Three, I can save the game so I don't have to enter it again. 

    Four... well, you get the idea.

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    Thank you. I will google them. You have been a great help.

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    Hi Joseph, I have seen a couple of your questions and discusions on site here. I just wanted to make a software recomendation, that being the http://chess-king.com/products/ The Chess King 2 program is available on many different chess websites and should be available for around $35-$40. There are two more expensive versions the "Max" and the "Pro" but just the plain old King version should suite you just fine, In fact that is the one I have. The interface is very straight forward and easy to use. They also have a channel on youtube for videos showing how to use the different functions of the program. I am an 1800+ USCF player and 49 years old and I find that I am more than happy with the program. I see that you are aware of Dan Heisman, can't do much better than him, I am a huge fan of his. And even though most of his stuff is available for free online I still purchased his book "A Guide To Chess Improvement" from Everyman Press. Well that's it just want to pass on my recomendation for the Chess King program. 



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    I don't have an iPad but here is an article by Jeremy Silman from the USCF website that might give you some more options  http://www.uschess.org/content/view/12291/719/

    The title of the article is "Dinos to the Slav: Silman on Apple Apps"


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