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    Every time I try to analyze a game after I've played it in LIVE, it gives me a blank "Game" with nothing in it.

    How do I get the analyze function to work?  Thanks.

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    Sorry you're having trouble with the live analysis board! When you first open the analysis board using the ANALYZE link post-game, you should start out on the first move and can use the arrows to move throughout the game. 

    Can you please let me know what browser and operating system you're using?

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    Using chrome 30.0.1599.69, Windows 7 64-bit.

    When I use the ANALYZE link,  there is no data in the game, and it looks like this:

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    Thanks for the screenshot. Can you please try a cache clear to see if that helps at all? Have you had the issue on any other browsers?

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    I did a cache clear on chrome, but it did not help.  This problem persists on Firefox as well, but it seems to work on internet explorer.  Is there anyway to get it to work on chrome?  I don't want to open a whole different browser just so this can work.



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    Do you have any extensions on your browser? Or any security software installed? 

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    han_han are you using the extension facebook disconnect or something similar that removes information from redirecting webpages?

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    Same problem here. Clicking on analyse in live or at the "Analyze" button in the game archive brings up an empty game tab. FF 34 Win-version .

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    same problem here.

    using firefox.

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