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Game automatically drawn by agreement?

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    So here's exactly what happened:
    1 min before tournment: I register for 15|10 OPEN live tournament.
    I go to get some food from the table.
    Tournament starts: I'm sitting in front of my computer waiting for the game to load (the internet connection is bad sometimes.)
    The game loads - and it's already drawn by agreement. How can this be? I did not even touch the computer, as I was eating.
    Here is the link:
    My opponent had used 20 seconds of his time. 

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    PS. Sorry if this is meant to go into the 'Live Chess' section of the forums. I wasn't sure.

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    Obviously alien intervention. I need to know about the geometrical existence of your crops, vowles_23. The eerie term, "live chess" could be a signal to the assumed invaders of the planet(earth)Laughing

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