Google Chrome does not play well with Tournament setups


I was trying to do some tournament edits today and I learned that Google Chrome does not play well with tournament set ups. Yes I know that Google released it as a beta but I am surprised when issues happen with Google (unlike another company whose operating systems have conditioned millions (billions?) of users to accept crashes as inevitable). I know it wasnt a issue because as soon as I used Firefox, BOOM, problem solved! Although I am a huge fan of all things Google, if Chrome cant play well with, I may have to wait until next version.


Of course, there are many websites that doesn't work with chrome yet


(Many Facebook pages for example)


Just to bring a little faith for google back for ya...


Google Chrome was built from the ground up, they have a ton of work. When they say beta, they mean beta squared. I am sure they will develope chrome into a great browser just give it time.


I just started anoth topic on this, if you would like to add this to the list. :-)

fbhjr pages have recently started crashing my chrome too.  I suspect the meebo scripts.