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How do I get "Points"?

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    well we're not here for points. we're here to play chess right Sealed

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    hey dude cool it and try your best to learn.a few days ago i was frantic to get points that i almost rejected my parents from comming to my thanksgiving dinner,but if you are still wanting to have points go againtst me,im an awsome player.Money mouthLaughingWink

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    No t-shirts but still its  fun!

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    Dude it's  dumb to  care about points!Cool

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    I beat erik.
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    juicysnail wrote:


    I beat erik.

    Well he only had four pawns.

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    oinquarki wrote:
    juicysnail wrote:


    I beat erik.

    Well he only had four pawns.

    But he had at least one ninja. You can catch a quick glimpse of him on blaks first move. Watch e6 verrry carefully. Due to the nature of ninjas I guess that the black king that was checkmated was actually the white king who was swapped and covered in black during the course of the game. Notice how two pawns get snatched into the shadows. Their black was used in the conversion.

    That was a surprisingly complicated game. It only looks simple because many of the move's true meanings happened behind the scenes. 

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    for last month I have done my every official work so easily because of chess.com I heartly thankful to chess.com to give me a great opportunity to prove a well player. 

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    this is Amazing !!

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    I don't know about anyone else, but I'm strictly here for the points...


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    If any one wants my points I'll give you mine.

    1305 points.

    Take them


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    Can I have your t-shirt instead?

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    Not me,I'm just here to play chess and more chess and more chess..........

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    I don't have any t-shirts, I only wear golf shirts.


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    I am still not positive when this got to the point where we're talking about free T-shirts. I've got enough chess shirts.Smile

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    is contribution to the site also a new membership friend whom i tolled about chess.com?

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