How do I get "Points"?

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    hey i want one too
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    Thanks for this post, am also new and was wondering about the points, glad I got my unasked question answered, and that I got to read a whole bunch of comments that were pretty funny as wellSmile
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    did anyone think that placing a post on this would get you points. also i suppose you don't want to start bribing people. people should contribute to forums not just to get a t-shirt but to say what they want to say and what they want other people to read.
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    im going to cash in on the conversation now i know how to recieve points and recieve my 3rd point :P

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    Well... I suppose we should post not just for the sake of posting where the meaning is gone, but more of to share our chess experiences with our fellow enthusiasts! =)

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    Ah now that's a very good idea, I think shadowc has something there, but saying "the first member to get there" will simply prompt some spammy-spammer spamheads to unleash their swords of misery! Maybe any member over their time at  who accumulates 5000 points?

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    Can u get points for recruiting more members?

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    adeshmukh wrote:

    Can u get points for recruiting more members?

     great suggestion. i'll look into that!

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    Oh sweet, a t-shirt is awesome, 1000pts is my goal!! 


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    hahaha, and all of a sudden, a number next to your name has significant meaning!  Do you feel powerful?  Great thread.
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    i thought u get points when u win we???
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    OK, let's get it, but I'm 1000 Laughing far away of 1000Cry, but one it's the begining.Sealed


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    hey, a t shirt is good enough for me, maybe the chess set would mean more if the first one to 5000pts or seomthing would get one! 
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    Hi Erick, the real question is, how do you calculate theses points, using what formula?

    I have seen, that I won 60 points by beat a game, but after a week, i saw that my opponent play some more games, and just won 24 or 251 in other game. Why? 

    What is the exact metrics to know how much points i will earn if I win the current game?



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    Rewards for a 1000 points or contribution. We are forgetting we already have our rewards Free membership to the greatest chess community on the net.

    Which other chess site gives you free membership

    with unlimited game moves.

    A new Email address

    chess with time limits of 14 days a move or less

    and soon Live chess.

    Chat rooms soon is in the pipeline

    and great chess Friends

    We already have our rewards

    A Question for you ?  Which Chess site offers you More for free ?

    It has to be more easy to learning chess and quicker Than finding another Chess community which can even come close to this one.

    The Answer none that I can find

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    oh so that's the poinst are for...  thanks...
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    hey,i learned something new today,what the points mean,oh yeah and there is free clothing involved:)
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    It is not just used to get free stuff, it is also used to measure the site activity of each member.
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    I've got 1 point after 70 games,I'll be too old to wear T-Shirts !!
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    now you got 2

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