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How do I get "Points"?

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    how about 10,000 pts earns a chess set? (and with this post I have 50, I'm well on my way :-)
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    You should only get a point for something related to chess not this mindless drivel.
  • #103
    I have 1133 where is my shirt XXL I like'em looseLaughing
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    sounds interesting ok i'm in erick.
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  • #106
    1000 pts can get a T-shirt? ok, me start by today, score no.1 !!
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    1000 pts can get a T-shirt? ok, me start by today, score no.1 !!
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    I would like to know why one article with say 50 views gets zero repplies when another article with about the same number of views gets say 20, 30+ replies?  There are many examples of this, even though there is often nothing that much better about the article, etc, that gets many repplies, than the one that gets no replies.
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    I wonderes what those points were for.
  • #110
    I hope I hit 1000 soon...
  • #111
    Im just typing here for points to make mine even.
  • #112
    Anybody with 1000 points got T-shirt?
  • #113
    That T-Shirt probably would never come 
  • #114
    i go for the t-shirt
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    if the king is alone , is there some number of moves , which the king plays , say 14 and then the game is a draw?
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    have you run out of t shirts?
  • #118
    WoW I will love a T-shirt with Chess logo! I can not wait to reach 1000 though it may take me years:D Greatest Thanks Eric Chess.com rocks!
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    Why is this post titled "How do I get points" - it should be renamed "How do I get a free T-shirt ?" !
  • #120
    Cool a free shirt im motivated.
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