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how to post in someone's profile

  • #1

    someone posted a message in my profile and i want to reply, but when i click reply i get directed to his profile but i can't see any option to write a message? 


    and while at it, do you agree with what he has posted in my profile??

  • #2

    You can block messages from other members by config in your profile.

    At time, I not agree with BishopCannons.

  • #3

    He apparently has his Notes set for "Friends" only. 

    No, I agree neither with the posted sentiment nor with his insistence on everyone else following his personal definition of good sportsmanship.

  • #4

    rematches are voluntary by design here.

    best he just live with it.

    if you can't place a note on his page, you can't, but others have different settings.

  • #5

    If rematches were obligatory games would come in pairs. Sometimes life takes precedence and one game is all you have time for....

  • #6

    Similarly, there's a certain randomness to seek matching (especially if you issued the seek) and not everyone's worth playing twice -- especially someone rude enough to berate you publicly in your profile notes.

  • #7

    I told Bourbon to ignore that person.

  • #8

    to avoid a repeat encounter with such an unpleasant member, consider 'blocking' him via:

    Settings / Privacy



    ps.  He hasn't blocked receiving trophies from others (and, if you gave him a trophy you could add a remark to your trophy gift -- an opportunity to reply which he probably figured you wouldn't have).


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