I accidentally left my league...

ShahanAbuSayeed wrote:

Wanted to ask will the league you come in after leaving yours will the others trophy’s be 0


please tell?


When you rejoin, you'll get placed in a brand new division after playing your first game, so how many trophies you'll have will depend on how many trophies that game qualifies for.

CrusaderKing1 wrote:
SoftBerserkRoyalty wrote:

I accidentally clicked on "Leave League" and all of my progress was reset. Is there a way to reverse this? I tried joining another league but I had zero trophies . 


Please help me!

"Clicks leave League"

Asks "Are you sure"...proceeds to click "yes".


Accidents happen, but really unfortunate to click to leave league twice in a row

Absolutely right!

In PC if you delete a file, it asks same way. Are you sure you want to delete it?