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instant chess?

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    is it possible to play instant chess on this server?

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    coming soon :)
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    WHEN ???
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    ask piotr :)
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    who's piotr? Foot in mouth
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    search the member page :)
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    What's Instant Chess?
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    xbigboy wrote: What's Instant Chess?

     it is what we are calling "Live Chess" :)

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    Us chess players should have 'patience', the Chess.com staff is working quite hard to bring on the live chess!
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    Ole for live chess!

    Thats right xbigboy ; Instant chess = Live chess :)


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    What exactly is live chess?


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    live chess is where you play chess in real-time with people online. different from turn-based chess.
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    Instant Chess is like instant coffee or microwaving your food.  All your pawns already are in position.  You only are able to make 15 moves and you are done.    Nuked chess is like nuked food.  Sometimes you have to stir it because the middle is cold.  Sometimes it explodes and gets all over the chess board.  Sometimes you have to cook it again because it is not done.  I am JOKING, but I know one thing I don't care for 5 minute games.  I think 30 minute games or 60 minute games would be great because you could play one online game in one sitting.
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    hmmm, i like the idea of live-chess. keep on working and thanks
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    Live chess = chess not yet dead

    Instant chess = real chess

    therefore, Instant chess = Live chess.

    QED Laughing

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    is there any ten minutes game

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    g437253 wrote:

    is there any ten minutes game

    Contratulations on reviving a thread over 4 years deceased. You should start a career in medicine.

    To answer your question, yes you can play ten minute games. Take ten minutes and figure it out.


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