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iOS 11 can't login with Facebook anymore

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    heyya guys, 

    since i have downloaded the iOS 11 Beta 2 , my chess.com App loads but wouldn't log in using my Facebook login ( the only login i have had for years ) saying i should allow Chess.com App from the Facebook Settings on the phone. but there isn't any. 

    Did anyone face the same problem ?



    K Dinoulis

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    unless they closed your account...

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    It's due to new iOS 11 third party authentication policy to not allow any third party app login. One can check the release notes and their blog posts. I am sure chess ios and other apps that rely on app based authentication might require update. 

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    Same with iOS 11 GM

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    I have trouble with logging in via facebook, too. But my problem is that when I try to log in via FB Connect it pretends as if im signing up as a new player. :/ (edit: on chess.com application not on web site)

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    Found a workaround! Go to forgot, then put in email, then it says “you must login with fb” and then click Facebook button from that screen. Hope that helps. It then asks you for your fb creds 

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    I lied - that failed

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    I went to the AppStore, updated the App, now it works 

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    Hi all,


    I have the same issue, I can't log in via Facebook on the iPhone app, it directs me to the sign up page.


    Please advise

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    I precise that I am on iOS 10.3.3

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    Hi guys,


    Do you have any news on the above?


    I still can't use the iPhone app on my phone which is super annoying.


    Thank you for your help,




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    Utdate the chess app in AppStore . Then it works 😊

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    Unfortunately the app is already up to date sad.png

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    Try going to your settings in Safari and turning on JavaScript. That worked for me 

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    Had the same issue, updated the app and I can log in again. grin.png

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