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iPad app premoves

  • #1

    I can haz?

    It's a fair part what keeps me from playing more live chess; I like the premove feature in the full browser, but don't like the interface itself very much there. 

  • #2

    especially for live 1 min games on iPad/iPhone, premove is a must have

  • #3

    yes.ppls taake it

  • #4

    improved yet?

  • #5

    Bump! Although, my preference is for the iphone app.

  • #6

    Yeah, it's inexcusable that there's no premove for iOS.

  • #7

    works in ICC

  • #8

    Bump, we need to find a way to request the premove for a iphone/ipad. Please, find a way

  • #9

    How is this still a problem? Playing using the internet on an iPad is an exercise in futility, and playing on the app doesn't allow premoves. There is no excuse for not fixing this, especially since it's been a problem for three years!

  • #10

    Chess.Com really don't GaF about the users. What they are good at is taking away functionality regularly and putting more and more of it under the 'paid' umbrella.

  • #11

    Pay or not we still don't get premove

  • #12

    Agree 100% the iPad app is terrible, the premove application doesn't even work properly.

  • #13

    We spoke. They listened. Applause to chess.com and its staff.

  • #14

    works now? haven't bothered checking. 

  • #15

    Neither have I. Is this true? This is good news if so.

  • #16

    They added premove, and the app is very good, but you can only make one premove at a time. This is a major problem which still puts you at a huge disadvantage when playing bullet.


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