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ipad bug wont go away after reinstall

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    Since iOS6, the chess.com app has developed a new bug for me.  After Playing a game, and choosing the 'start new game' button, I am given a prompt which says

    "Sending Challenge...

    Opponent: supergrandmaster00


    You Play: Random"

    The problems with this are:

    1. I usually play blitz, so I am being given a prompt for a game type I have not selected.

    2. I play random opponents.  It is possible I have played this person once before, but in this case I am not deliberately choosing to do so. 

    3. The screen freezes here, forcing me to restart the app. 

    4. I have recieved restrictions from the Fair Play Policy since this bug, which I guess is because somewhere in the chess.com universe I am actually starting new challenges which I am unable to engage in.

    Solution? The only way I can avoid this is by returning to the home screen, and then starting a new game from there.  I don't always remember to do this and find the experience frustrating. 

    Reinstalling the app does not resolve this issue. 

    Something I can fix?  Something you can fix? 


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    Yeah, I've challenged the dude like 300 times already lol. I uninstalled/reinstalled as well, no dice. Best work around I've found is to click home after a game, the click the home button on the app. From the main screen, you can then go back to play games. This is quicker than manually shutting the app down and restarting.

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    This is happening to me too... Veeeerry frustrating... Any other solution besides the mentioned workaround?


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