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iPad Tactics Trainer App Timer

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    When using the Tactics Trainer on a PC, the timer starts at 0 and counts upwards. However when using the app version on an iPad it counts down from some set limit. What does this limit mean? I initially thought that after reaching 0 then you will start to lose points, but I can solve problems well under this limit and be rewarded with -ve scores. It seems like an entirely pointless feature given that the best thing to do seems to be to ignore it.

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    Nobody know?

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    Ok, for anyone who is interested, I asked chess.com about this and they said the following. The timer is set to twice the average time taken to solve the problem. For the first half of the timer you will not lose any points due to time. For the second half of the timer you will lose points UNTIL the timer hits 0 at which point you will not lose any more points due to time. How many points you then lose will be down to whether or not you pass or fail the problem.
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    I would be happy to be able to hide the timer cause it distracts from actually solving the puzzle and stresses me. Also it's weirs that it's different from the pc?

    I read that you could hide it on pc. I love playing on the iPad, but the occasional glitches can beannoying. Thenew version is much better though:)


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