iPhone app crashing

I’m sure it’s not just me this is happening to. My app crashes often. It happens during lessons, when I open news and when I open any recent articles.
Sure is irksome. Is an update coming soon to fix this?
I am getting the same crashes on my iPhone 8 +
Same here. Can’t read news anymore
As a workaround you can read the articles and news with the Safari browser on your iPhone/iPad.

 I'm still wondering if someone is working on fixing this. If there is any way I can help you let me know, but could somebody have a look at the problem?


I have the same problem with my iPhone and my new IPad using the Chess.com app. I cannot read any article from the News. The articles open for two seconds and suddenly the app closes down.
Tengo un iPhone y se me queda colgado la partida y pierdo la partida estando mucho mejor no sé a qué se debe si es el sistema del torneo los partidos por favor soluciónenlo
Ditto here. Chess.com crashes on iPhone XS when clicking on specific chess news article