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Lost on time - wasn't my move

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    I lost on time whrn it wasn't my move. How's that possible? The board still shows my last move and oponents time is in red.


     "pm771 vs. happyDhiman - happyDhiman won on time"

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    I have now lost twice in the same way you described.  I made a move, the opponent did not, his clock ran down and then I was declared the loser on time!  Apparently the screne did not show his move or something.  I am very frustrated!

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    This same thing happened to me in a live tournament a few days ago. I've go no idea why. Moreover, it was only the first move!


    It shows game abandoned, because after I made the first move (which wasn't even recorded!), a whole minute passed (thus, by 2|1 rules, I abandoned the game).


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