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Lost on time?

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    I was in a winning position, watching my opponent's clock tick down, when all of a sudden I'm told that I've lost on time. Second time that this has happened. I don't understand.

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    I was once lost on time. But then I found a book. A book that changed my life. It was called: "This thread is stupid".

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    Hi Jane,

    I had hoped that on a "help and support" forum I might get a little, oh I don't know, maybe a little help and support. Honest question: did I miss something stupid? It certainly wouldn't be the first time. I'm just trying to understand what might have happened. There may have been an issue with reconnecting after a disconnect. But it appeared to me that we had successfully reconnected. Is there any way to address the issue? I should not have lost that game.

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    One can lose on time when ones own clock is ticking down....unless ones time is v v less...the opponent plays a move and instantly ones time elapses....

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    @ChessCRS- Sorry you're having troubles with the site! Can you please let me know what browser and operating system you were using at the time?

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    I was using the app on my iPad.

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    If you move fast you get more time (i'm not saying to move really fast)


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