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Major bugs! game abandoned losses after opp took a long time to move. posting bugs.

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    During two games today the computer gave my opponent a win and the message was game abandoned by me. In both games the opp had taken a long time to move and when they finally did the computer immediately gave them the win saying I'd abandoned the game. This with plenty of time on my clock and not even a second after they had moved. I've saved both games. I also found today that after writing posts I was not able to actually post them. I hit the post bottom and the entire message I wrote would disappear with only the subject remaining. This happened twice. Please help!
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    Both of these replies assume that I'm on a computer. I'm on a phone. In fact I've never ever used chess.com on a computer. This answer doesn't solve the problem.
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    Sorry, in the absence of additional information I provided what is available. Can't really help much on mobile as there isn't as much that can be controlled. 


    That said, having as stable of a connection as possible is best. Running on shared wifi can introduce potential reconnects/disconnects. So if that is how you connect, limiting data usage by other clients, such as streaming music or videos, may help.


    Keeping background apps closed that might use data may also help, since other network connections can potentially interfere with the traffic to the site.

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    I just had this happen in my game. I am on an iPad. Chess.com needs to fix this.
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    I had it happen again just now. I am not running other devices on the network. It has happened when I was on wifi and on cellular and today it's been particularly constant. I lost three games because of it buts that not really the point. It is not something that should be happening with a solid wifi connection and or using cellular.
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    How do u clear the apps cache?
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    I know you can clear the app cache on Android, not sure how or if it is possible on iOS (it is an OS specific option, not app related).


    The developers can only do so much with the client code. They probably can make the connection/reconnection code more robust but can't really account for other network related issues beyond that.


    The site only controls the client app code, the last hop of the network path and the Live server code. Problems from the client device, through every other hop to the Live servers, can impact the connection. Even your device deciding to switch from wifi to cellular data, or in the reverse, can cause the app to suffer a disconnection it may not recover from easily.


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