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Moves Box Blank

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    In the vote chess game "BHARAT Vs Light Force" the "Moves" box is appearing blank. I cannot see the moves. The link is


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    I can see them. Try clearing cookies and cache and log out and log in again. 

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    hope you havent clicked leave game by mistake!

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    sajay wrote:

    hope you havent clicked leave game by mistake!

    even if someone is not playing in a game, they can see the 'moves' tab. 

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    When I can see the "Moves" box with moves appearing in it in all other nineteen games, I think it cannot be due to browser. Also I have not quit the game. I am still playing.

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    copy this link of the same game


    and paste on address bar once you log off.. if it appears okay then the problems may be with some of the comments on the game

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    click above, and if you still cannot see the moves, hit ctrl + f5. Make sure you have not switched to "details" tab and the "moves" tab is opened. Then if you still cannot see the movs, tell us exactly what you see instead of them.  (a blank white space? or whatever).

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    will that work? it is same as cleaning cache


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