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My Board Got Really Small?

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    I dont see a way to fix this in settings. It was much bigger than it mysteriously got smaller when I misclicked in a time scramble, and it caused me to lose the game. I can't even get it bigger now. 

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    Same as me happened today

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    Had the same problem occur today, can anyone with a potential fix please assist. Thanks.

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    Same. Please let us know how to solve this. It's pretty frustrating. 

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     Ok. Found a solution on another thread. There's a "resize board" icon at the upper right of the board. (diagonally opposing arrows). If you click and drag that icon, you can make the board bigger again. 

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    You were winning by so much they decided to handicap you.

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    I tried the "resize" button. It does nothing.


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    Press/ click the arrows on the top right hand side of the board.

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    Yes, press the arrows at the top of the board and drag.

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    I did that. Dozens of times.  I am not a moron. I am not new to "click and drag". It does not work.


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    #43 дня назад 





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    chess  com should resolve this problem of small board immediately.

    Inspite of best efferts we could not make the small board a big board.


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    I cant play small board-HELP

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    What are you using? I find it's easy to adjust with a mouse on a PC but can't adjust it on a touch screen, I down loaded the app for the android tablet in the end but sometimes use V2 on that.

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    Using android tablet. Same problem - accidentally tapped on something and board just shrinked. Can't adjust it back to normal size. Resize icon is not working. 


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