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Online Game Vanished After Finish.

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    So I just won a game by checkmate, playing on my Android phone.  It then gave several options.  I meant to simply exit out but carelessly clicked on the option "review," whereupon the game vanished both from my screen and from my archive of finished games.  Can someone explain to me what just happened?

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    I guess it's a stumper.  Let me add another question, then:  Does anyone else use the Android app and know what is supposed to happen when "review" is clicked?

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    Really? No one?  Man, when I break a toy it's really broken.  :)

    Guess that's it for using this software, though. Pity.

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    An online game or live game?

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    Did your rating change?

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    No, so it's as if the game never happened. Bummer. It had a neat finish.

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    Wierd, never happened to me and I use the android app a lot.

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    hairysamarian, do you recall the name of your opponent and when the game ended? Alternately, do you have an 'It's your move email' with a link to the game?  

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    No, Calamondin; I only wish that I did.  I only remember that it began with a V, which helps not at all given the size of the subscriber list.  Additionally, I don't turn email notification on because it floods my inbox. 

     At this point, I don't really expect to get the game back.  It would be nice, but it seems to have vanished for good and all. I've become more interested in learning what happened and what, if anything, I can do to avoid it in the future.  It looks like I'm the only one who has seen this happen, though.

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    My last game vanished after I won from my finished games. This happened on my computer

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    I didn't think I'd be revisiting this, but it's happened again.  I finished a game by stalemate, and as the game should have been saving the app crashed.  When I got back in, there was no record of the game.  I can't possibly be the only person this has ever happened to.  Anyone?

    Opponents name, iirc, was aris003.  Finished it today, 10/29.


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